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New Announcement!

I am so excited to share this with you all! In December, I was lucky enough to be able to host a Winter Solstice, Cold Moon Guided Meditation event at a friends Fitness Studio. Ali has so many incredible classes and workshops already, I was truly honoured to host my first PROPER event in her… Continue reading New Announcement!

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Everyone can have a positive mindset, let me prove it …

What’s your favourite evening tipple? Have a think about that as I ramble on a little… Positive mindset is a choice. I have heard so many people describe themselves as a ‘glass half empty’ kind of person, or someone who is a chronic pessimist. Of course, some may be more likely to be a little… Continue reading Everyone can have a positive mindset, let me prove it …

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What is a Limiting Belief? What is a Limiting Belief? A Limiting Belief is something we tell ourselves on a regular basis that stops us from achieving our full potential. They can stop us from taking steps to move forward in life, achieve our goals or follow our dreams. Repeatedly telling ourselves we cannot do something because we aren't… Continue reading What is a Limiting Belief?

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Inspirational Quotes and How They Can Help You! Inspirational quotes are everywhere! It’s hard to go through the day without seeing or hearing an inspirational quote, whether it be on social media, in someone’s home or on TV. But don’t shrug them off, as some may actually spark something in you. When you hear or see an inspirational quote take a moment… Continue reading Inspirational Quotes and How They Can Help You!