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Taking the leap…

Imagine how it will feel to take that step... Blog Post - I think a lot of us can relate to feeling 'frozen'. Not a term we often use, granted, but I think it encapsulates what I am trying to say very well. A lot of us have experienced being 'stuck'; finding yourself in a… Continue reading Taking the leap…

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Inspirational Quotes and How They Can Help You! Inspirational quotes are everywhere! It’s hard to go through the day without seeing or hearing an inspirational quote, whether it be on social media, in someone’s home or on TV. But don’t shrug them off, as some may actually spark something in you. When you hear or see an inspirational quote take a moment… Continue reading Inspirational Quotes and How They Can Help You!

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Welcome to Journey Onward with Jess. Welcome to Journey Onward with Jess. I’m so excited to introduce myself, who I am, what I do, and to explain to you what a life coach is, and why you need one! A Life Coach is here to help you! For me, it's helping my clients to achieve their goals. They could be… Continue reading Welcome to Journey Onward with Jess.