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The Chocolate Bar

Today was a stressful day. Monday is always stressful in my full time job. At the moment, I work a substantive role in the NHS. We are classed as frontline, although to those working in the private sector, frontline evokes images of paramedics covered in goodness-knows-what, on their knees, massaging a mans heart with his… Continue reading The Chocolate Bar

New Announcement!

I am so excited to share this with you all! In December, I was lucky enough to be able to host a Winter Solstice, Cold Moon Guided Meditation event at a friends Fitness Studio. Ali has so many incredible classes and workshops already, I was truly honoured to host my first PROPER event in her… Continue reading New Announcement!

The Lifeboat

This is a really hard blog entry for me to write. I wrote a similar post on my personal social media a few years ago, and it felt so rewarding to share this little insight into the hardest day of my life. So, here I am, telling some more people this story, but in a… Continue reading The Lifeboat

My Therapy Rooms first ‘real’ client…

Today was a monumental day – I had my first proper client use my therapy room. By proper, I mean not family! Though of course they’re great clients too…..I have been preparing for this day for 6 months, buying decor, moving furniture, tweaking this and tweaking that. I’ve been advertising, planning, writing privacy statements and… Continue reading My Therapy Rooms first ‘real’ client…


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