A client shares their story…

After setting up Journey Onward in 2021, I was keen to get to begin building my coaching profile, gain clients and testimonials. Reviews are a really important part of advertising a business and proving it’s success stories, and really helps get a new, small business off the ground.

During the pandemic I was working full time in the NHS, and saw the affect COVID-19 was having on my colleagues, both physically and mentally. I made the decision to offer Frontline Workers and Emergency Service Staff a Life Coaching / Relaxation Session free of charge to help ease some of the mental and emotional burden that I saw some of my colleagues carrying. I found myself having coffee in the sunshine coaching some of the most amazing people, as well as doing Zoom Meditation sessions for those living farther away.

Kindly, some of these wonderful people offered to write me reviews and testimonials, which was not only helpful for my business, but also gave me so many smiles!

Today, one of those fabulous clients sent me a review from a session we had over a year ago; I’ve already posted it on my testimonials page, but thought I’d give it some more context on a blog post! I think it really highlights how important coaching can be at crucial periods in our lives, and that you never really know the huge potential that can be unlocked from sitting with a coach and sharing your thoughts. Here’s Callums’ review;

‘I first came to Jess when I was at a major transition point in my life. I’d recently left a long term job role, split with my then partner and sadly lost my mother in a relatively short period of time. I was at a real crossroads as to where to go next, but after an initial coaching session with Jess, who managed to realign my thinking and define my morals and goals; I was able to get the ball rolling on an application for the Fire & Rescue Service, a career that I have aspired to for a long time, but one that certainly isn’t easy to come by!

After some further coaching and hard work, I progressed through the lengthy selection process and finally got in! I now work as a wholetime Firefighter and part-time Health Advisor with NHS 111 and I couldn’t be happier. If it wasn’t for that initial coaching session with Jess, who knows where I’d be now! I would highly recommend Jess to anybody looking for a solid coach and a good person to rely on whether times are tough or you’re looking to make them even better!’

Why not give yourself a coaching session and see where it takes you?

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