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There once was a small business or two…

There once was a small business or two,
They dreamt of all they could do.
They wanted to share,
All their knowledge and wares,
And encourage each other to bloom.

OK, so I just made that up as I was writing (on the fly), but I think it’s kinda cute! I was struggling to think of a title for this blog entry, and the only thing that was in my head was that little limerick tune… Anyway! I digress…

I wanted to share with you what’s been going on in my little mind today. Before you read on, rest assured I have asked all of the people mentioned below if I could use their stories to blog about.

I have been going to my nail technician since I was 19; that’s nearly a decade! I was recommended Sharon (Nails Beautiful) by my best friend after having some bad experiences at a Salon I frequented. Sharon runs her business from her living room, and in the years I’ve been attending, her business has evolved and grown in front of my eyes. She is so talented and has so many incredibly loyal clients. I’ve always been in awe of how fabulous Sharon is and how well she runs her business. Sharon has completed many courses over the last few years, and now offers LOADS of different treatments to suit everyone (I have tried them all, honestly!).

Anyway, enough about how much I love Sharon. My cousin, Allegra, also runs her own businesses, one of which is Social Media Management. When I first had the idea for Journey Onward, Allegra was an integral part of helping set up the ‘online’ aspect of my business. Not only is Allegra as close to me as a sister, but we worked so well together as manager and client. I always knew I wanted her expertise to help give my business the initial boost it needed. Once I’d become a little more established, Allegra used some of my services, and was my first ‘saging’ client! From Allegra posting on instagram about her home cleanse, I got two more customers, one being a local beautician who wanted a cleanse for her business premises (which I highly recommend for those who have a lot of clients come through their doors, by the way).

My best friend, Lucy, (who recommended Sharon to me all those years ago) also runs a small business. Lucy is an incredibly talented Embroiderer, and I am lucky enough to have had some of her beautiful pieces as gifts over the years. I loved one so much, I got it tattooed on my arm (yes, really.) I have my favourite pieces displayed in my therapy room (you can see the picture of them on my instagram). I love Lucy’s pieces so much, that I decided I wanted to incorporate her products with my services; (check out my ‘Services’ page, and scroll down to ‘Packages’ to see how we have collaborated). Lu has also been a regular meditation client over Zoom, which is usually interrupted by her dog, Fynn.

My amazing cleaner is another person I need to talk about! After quitting a shitty job last year during lockdown, she decided to go it alone, which was a huge step considering she had just bought a home and had a mortgage to pay. She is currently smashing it, and has been a client of mine for a couple of different sessions, which we’ve both loved! (her small, hairless Pomeranian Woogie has joined in too).

SWAG Fitness Studios is something I post about ALL THE TIME. This is because Alison, the brains behind it, is kick-ass amazing. She is my pole instructor and has also become and amazing friend. By attending her classes regularly in her beautiful studio, we got chatting about life and work. She saw the potential in my ideas, and decided to offer me the opportunity to run classes in her space. What a bloody compliment that was.

Finally, one of my very loyal clients. This client has her own small business, too. Very recently, I had to call on her Dog Walking services due to my twit of a father falling over and breaking his leg, meaning the dogs were at a very loose end!

Back to Sharon (with her permission) – Sharon came to a 1-1 ‘Introduction to Crystals’ session today. She has been to a couple of my group meditation sessions before, but this was her first private session. I have to admit, I was a little nervous; Sharon is such an expert at running her business, I was hoping that I would be able to give even a small amount of her professionalism! Despite my apprehension, the session was amazing. We overran as we had such a good time chatting away about crystals, and exploring those that have meaning to Sharon. At the end, we had a small meditation where Sharon held two crystals that ‘jumped out’ at her. The meditation itself was only 2 minutes long, but despite it being really short, Sharon said she still managed to fall into a deep relaxation, and even saw flashes of colour and pulses of energy.

Not only am I flattered that Sharon enjoyed our session, but I am so grateful that a small business owner that I have been visiting for years has seen the value in my, fairly new, small business.

Sidenote; sorry if this is a bit ranty, it’s been a long day and I’m distracted!

When I think about it, I am supporting small businesses every day, and they support me too. It’s so special to see people that I consider friends thrive with their businesses, that all started off as a little dream. I value all the services that I buy, and love that others feel the same way towards Journey Onward. Of course, the above list is only a small example of my favourite local entrepreneurs, but I’d be here all day if I talked about them all.

How many small businesses do you support? And no, supporting doesn’t just mean using their services. You don’t even have to spend money to support small, local businesses. Sharing content, subscribing or reviewing businesses are all really important.

How to support a small business other than ‘liking content’;
Instagram – follow accounts, save their posts, or share them to your stories
Facebook – follow page, share posts, or leave a positive review/recommendation on their page
Tiktok – follow accounts, share and save content, and duet
Websites – subscribe to blogs or newsletters

Thanks for reading today. Go ahead and check out these businesses, and maybe use my tips above. Let it be your ‘good deed of the day’;

Lulou Embroidery
Nails Beautiful
Happy Paws New Forest
Allegra Ghiloni Style Social
House & Hooves
SWAG Fitness Studios

Love and light x

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