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Everyone can have a positive mindset, let me prove it …

What’s your favourite evening tipple? Have a think about that as I ramble on a little…

Positive mindset is a choice. I have heard so many people describe themselves as a ‘glass half empty’ kind of person, or someone who is a chronic pessimist. Of course, some may be more likely to be a little less positive than others, whether this be due to nurture, environment, or star sign, if you’re into your zodiac. Despite our first thought being one that isn’t so favourable, it doesn’t stop us from turning that upside down and turning it into a positive.

It’s often a lot easier to stick with a negative frame of mind, as it can be hard work to flip something on it’s head. As well as this, it’s often an excuse we use to treat ourselves, too! For example, a bad day at work turns into a takeaway and an online shopping spree.

It’s often hard to change something into a positive, and can take a lot of our brainpower and energy. However, it’s paramount that we try to do so for our mental health and well-being. We all have the ability to do so, it’s purely down to choice. How do I know we can all choose a positive mindset? Let’s think back to my initial question…

My favourite evening tipple is a cup of tea. I enjoy a glass of wine occasionally and love a cocktail on a night out, but for me, nothing beats a hot cup of tea. As I was making myself a cup tonight, I realised my favourite mug was in the dishwasher. Not only that, but my second favourite shape of mug (there are 4 of the same brand) were also in there. I plumped for another mug, which is one of my least favourites. As the teabag was stewing, I thought to myself, ‘this tea isn’t going to taste as good’. As soon as that thought crossed my mind I laughed; how ridiculous is that? It’s my favourite brand of tea, the best oat milk, and the same water. It’s essentially, exactly the same tea. Why should the mug make a difference? We’ll really, it doesn’t, it’s purely my preference that’s making me think it doesn’t taste quite as good.

Most people have favourite items of cutlery or crockery, right? A favourite wine glass, the trusty knife that’s just a little sharper than all the rest, or the bowl that makes the soup look that bit more scrumptious.

I’m not saying it’s not ok to have a favourite mug, because mine is basically a part of my family. What I’m suggesting is that I made a choice today; to enjoy my tea and forget about the mug it’s in. Because frankly, that mug is still doing a great job. And even better, it made me reflect, and is the reason you’re here reading this post now.

Why don’t you try to change your mindset on something this week? Let me know what it is!

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