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Don’t throw away your day…

If you had £86,400 in cash, and a £10 note blew away in the wind, would you throw the rest into the air in frustration?

Obviously not … a really silly concept on the face of it.

I had a horrible nights sleep. Genuinely. I had a really hard workout yesterday which knackered me, but ended up getting cramp in the night. The WORST, right? An hour later, my partners cat starts hacking up a hairball. Another hour later, the cat starts making itself comfy… on my pillow. Another hour passes and my pillow falls on the floor. Just before my alarm, my shoulder cramps up. You know those nights where you feel as though you’ve not had any sleep? Yeah. That was me at 8am. Despite this, I got up in a really good mood. I went downstairs to find there was no coffee. *insert eye twitch*.

If I’d have had one of those nights a few years ago, followed by a lack of caffeine, that would have determined the rest of my day. I’d likely sit in traffic and tell myself ‘ugh, it’s just one of those days, I am going to have nothing but bad luck today’. HOWEVER, my outlook on life is different now. Observe;

We have 86,400 seconds in a day. Just because 10 of those seconds aren’t the best, it doesn’t mean we have to write the rest off as bad, too. We are in control of our own perceptions. Is the glass half empty, half full, or just in need of a top up?

I knew at 8am that I was going to have a good day. How do I know that? Because I told myself I would; that was this morning’s positive affirmation. My card was cloned yesterday (grr) and I’m waiting on a replacement, so drive thru coffee was out of the question… or was it? Behold a specific fast-food ‘buy 6 coffees, get 7th free’ coupon that’s been in my purse for months… I doubt I’d have remembered it was in there if I was in a negative frame of mind.

I had a client at 11am who was having their first ever Guided Meditation session. This particular client is one of my favourite people and is very in tune to her spiritual side, therefore I knew the session would be positive. Of course, it superseded my expectations, with my client feeling absolutely fantastic and renewed afterwards with nothing but positive things to say.

We walked into town to have a bite to eat and some coffee afterwards, and went to a place I’d been wanting to check out for ages. This place was even better than I’d imagined, with houseplants everywhere, bamboo furniture, and topped off by a little chihuahua with a crystal-covered collar for her ‘spiritual protection’. Absolutely my vibe… The owner and I chatted, and exchanged business cards after discussing Life Coaching, Crystals and Meditation, and I’m so excited to chat with her some more!

The house is clean and smelling of incense. I am energised and positive. I have had great coffee and great food. I have a new potential client, new repeat business, and I am happy.

How differently my day could have turned out if I’d have become hung up on my bad nights sleep.

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