Client Stories

My clients and my happiness; the correlation.

For the last few weeks, alongside my full time job within the NHS, my diary has been heavily booked with clients. At times, I felt like I hadn’t had a day off; constantly setting up for the next relaxation session, making sure Zoom was working on my laptop, or preparing a yoga routine for a 1-1 lesson. I was never rushing, but the steadiness of it all meant my days flew by. Even on my 12 hour shifts at my substantive role, I was finding myself answering my Journey Onward queries on my breaks and checking my diary for slots.

Often we can become overwhelmed by constant movement and stimulation, but it was when I closed the door to a client on Sunday that I had a huge realisation. I had just performed my first ‘Crystal Party’ for a friends daughter’s13th Birthday. The party was an idea of mine that popped into my head sporadically one afternoon, and I wondered whether it could work. What better way than to test the theory than to book them in to try it out? Well, I did. The girls loved the gifts I prepared for them, and really engaged with the learning aspect I had incorporated into the session. The Party had taken me weeks to plan; I had written out what I was going to do and in what order. I’d prepared their goody-bags and a physical activity for us to do. When the girls arrived, they handed me a gorgeous bunch of yellow roses; the second bunch of flowers I had been given by a client in the last few weeks.

Upon finishing the Party and waving them goodbye from my front door, I sighed, expecting to find a sense of relief at that week being over, and for me to look forward to putting my feet up with a cup of tea. But that feeling wasn’t there. What was there, was excitement, achievement, and motivation. I was so proud of myself for what had just happened. I had spawned the idea myself, prepared and planned, and as a result of this planning, I saw the girls walk away happy and thankful for MY time. This seems like a simple part of my business, and clients SHOULD leave feeling happy, right? But this was different. This symbolised the end of a crazy week. It was the proof that I can thrive in the business of a full diary. It solidified the fact that my business has an upwards trajectory, and that feels amazing.

I closed the door and started to think about my next moves. Expecting to feel tired and overwhelmed, I had planned a quiet evening, but instead I was beaming with energy and ready to make more plans. I realised that being busy around my clients makes me happy and proud. Sure, there will be days where I need my feet up and a cup of tea (or something stronger), but right now my energy is fuelled by those who smile because of me, and that is so special.

One should always believe in themselves, but sometimes we need validation, and that’s ok. Write down your achievements, read them and remember them, as they will spur you to take the next step.

My gorgeous roses from Holly, Lily and Beth, on my Zodiac throw where we had been practising purifying crystals

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