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Welcome to Journey Onward with Jess.

Welcome to Journey Onward with Jess.

I’m so excited to introduce myself, who I am, what I do, and to explain to you what a life coach is, and why you need one!

A Life Coach is here to help you!

For me, it’s helping my clients to achieve their goals. They could be smaller goals, like paying off a credit card all the way to buying a house or changing their life! My job is to come in as an impartial friend, listen from an outsiders perspective, understand your limiting beliefs and unlock your potential, to give you advice with your best interests at heart and help you make informed decisions that impact the direction of your life.

Take a look at my first vlog to find out more! And watch to the end for a special surprise!

For more tasters of what life coaching is and for daily updates please follow my Instagram at @journeyonward_withjess

Or for more information about the services I offer or to book an informal chat about how we can work together please get in contact via the contacts page!

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