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The Chocolate Bar

Today was a stressful day. Monday is always stressful in my full time job. At the moment, I work a substantive role in the NHS. We are classed as frontline, although to those working in the private sector, frontline evokes images of paramedics covered in goodness-knows-what, on their knees, massaging a mans heart with his… Continue reading The Chocolate Bar

New Announcement!

I am so excited to share this with you all! In December, I was lucky enough to be able to host a Winter Solstice, Cold Moon Guided Meditation event at a friends Fitness Studio. Ali has so many incredible classes and workshops already, I was truly honoured to host my first PROPER event in her… Continue reading New Announcement!

The Lifeboat

This is a really hard blog entry for me to write. I wrote a similar post on my personal social media a few years ago, and it felt so rewarding to share this little insight into the hardest day of my life. So, here I am, telling some more people this story, but in a… Continue reading The Lifeboat

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Today I had a wonderful session with Jess to help me with some techniques to deal with my anxiety. I can honestly say that Jess has a wonderful energy about her and was able to help me to focus on my breathing, teaching new techniques as well as working with my chakras and guiding me though my meditation. I also found the yoga stretches hugely beneficial. I was able to relax and and feel at peace which I have no felt in a long while. I highly recommend Jess and will be returning for some more sessions. Thank you, Jess.

Hayley, 45

Breathing techniques, guided meditation and grounding. Jess has the natural ability to adapt to her surroundings and still manage to get a very uptight, stressed woman to relax and come out of her comfort zone. Jess came to the rescue when I was waiting on some test results and going through some personal ongoing stress. We went through some grounding techniques and practiced box-breathing and ended with a personalised meditation. I was a sceptic, but when she left I honestly feel much calmer and at peace and able to link back into the techniques she shared with me. Thank you Jess 🙏🏻

Sarah, 42